Filium® technology can transform any natural clothing or textile brand, from casual clothing to dozens of commercial applications, including apparel, footwear, medical supplies, work wear, upholstery, and carpet. We’re excited to partner with brands that want to create extraordinary products that do not harm the environment.


Lower your score with the world’s best performing and most sustainable golf wear for men and women.


Par(X) Golf’s Filium®-activated golf wear is anything but your dad’s stodgy polos and baggy shorts. Check out the innovative designs from the golf apparel company turning heads with sweat-resistant and eco-friendly Filium®-activated fabrics. It’s fair to say Par X’s golf wear will not be your handicap!

Filium® activated

Par(X) golf uses high-quality performance fabric specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and flexibility on the course. With a lightweight feel, our fabric ensures unparalleled breathability and ease of movement, allowing golfers to stay cool and focused throughout their game.

golf wear

The Filium® technology used in Par(X) golf apparel enhances the golfer’s experience by repelling liquids, stains, and odors, ensuring garments stay clean and fresh round after round. Our proprietary technology make the fabric dry up to 30% faster than other brands, ensuring golfers remain dry and comfortable regardless of weather conditions.


Thanks to a successful Kickstarter launch, Ably® introduced the first line of Filium®activated clothing to the world with a line of 100% cotton T-shirts and hoodie sweatshirts.
Hands feeling the texture of a Filium-activated garment


Ably®, the first brand activated with Filium, debuted with a line of 100% cotton T-shirts and hoodies designed to make these wardrobe essentials even more essential. Comfort and fit are top priorities for shoppers in this category, and the added bonus Filium® makes this line of everyday wear even more appealing.

Close crop of Filium founders Raj and Akhil Shah measuring a garment

natural fabrics

There’s something about natural fabrics against our skin that synthetics can’t match. Ably®’s soft, breathable cotton shows off the hidden nature of Filium®—it works like a high-tech fabric, but feels as comfortable and familiar as your favorite clothes.
Models wearing filium activated hoodies with natural fabrics
Filium® activated
Hoodies and T-shirts get a lot of wear. Since it doesn’t need laundering every time you wear it, one Ably® T-shirt could replace a whole drawer full at home. And you can lounge about or get busy all week in an Ably® hoodie and it’ll still look fresh out of the dryer.


Using our Filium® technology, Zenkai Sports has created the athletic apparel of the future, and the future is today!
Hands feeling the texture of a Filium-activated garment
Zenkai Sports®
Zenkai Sports® is on a mission to provide performance-enhancing, earth-friendly athletic wear for today’s athletes. Developed in conjunction with current and former professional athletes, Zenkai®’s Filium®-activated clothing is designed for athletes of every skill level.
Close crop of Filium founders Raj and Akhil Shah measuring a garment

Organic cotton

Zenkai® base layer apparel, made from organic cotton and activated by Filium®, provides a natural all-season athletic performance fabric that works with your body’s thermoregulation system and it outperforms its synthetic counterparts.

Models wearing filium activated hoodies with natural fabrics
athletic performance

Zenkai® apparel improves athletic performance and also reduces your environmental footprint, bringing us all a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable planet. Zenkai Sports® fully embraces the belief that improving an individual’s athletic performance shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment.